Aura@Once Bio Plasma Plus Treatment

The detoxifying and exfoliating treatment that buffs and polishes for radiant, healthy looking skin. Best for dull, uneven, or congested skin.

Glow Perfection Stem Cell Facial Treatment

Through a modern and complex process, the stem cells of the Argan tree are cultivated and produced in Switzerland. These highly potent liposomal encapsulated cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites,

Hydra Facial Formula

An intensely luxurious, super hydrator that stimulates skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation to dramatically improve the complexion’s appearance.

Anti-Acne and Acne Scar Formula

This formula inhibit sebum production, limit bacterial growth, or encourage shedding of skin cells to unclog pores and improve acne scar.

Melasma Formula

Aimed at slowing or halting pigment production by melanocytes, and fading existing pigment in the skin

Anti-Breakout Formula

Reach your clear skin goals. Minimize breakouts and oily skin with this formula that are nurturing, never drying. It will help kill bacteria,

Anti-aging Luxes Stem Cell Formula

A youth preserving treatment with natural neuropeptides for early signs of aging. Best for fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness/ elasticity, and dryness. This multi-tasking formula targets visible signs of aging, minimize the look of wrinkles, Boost plumping hydration, and smooth and soften skin texture.

Hifu- V-Lift Plus (Unlimited Shot)

A high intensity focused ultrasound facial, or HIFU facial, is a noninvasive treatment for facial aging. It is a facelift without the need for surgery. No downtime.

LED Light Therapy

Helps stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, sun damage and redness. It targets wrinkles and acne at the same time.

POWERMAX (IPL) Treatment

reduce the appearance of or eliminate sun spots and freckles. lessen hyperpigmentation. treat skin flushing and skin redness.